Homesick Playlist


No one understands longing and distance like Canadians – there’s just so much space and so few people. Add in the fact that moving from one province to another is incredibly easy, (at least in the bureaucratic sense,) and you’ll find yourself settling a world away from everyone you ever cared about.

Below is a collection of nostalgic tunes to make you feel that, even though you’re homesick, everything is going to be okay.

Featuring independent, Canadian artists from all across the country.

Calgary – “May, 2011” by 36?

Edmonton – “Good Times” by Travis Bretzer

Winnipeg – “i’m not usually like this” by Floor Cry

Halifax – “Love” by Kurt

Montreal – “Je Sais” by Aurore Juin

Vancouver, “All Gold” by Skinny Kids

Toronto, “40 Hour Drive” John Rollett (ha, I’m on my own list – good for me)


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