Writer’s Block

Writer’s block isn’t a real thing, it’s just laziness and when you’re lazy, you write poorly. You should keep writing, even when the work you produce is bad. Bad writing is better than no writing. That being said, keeping track of your creative cycles will help you separate the trash from the garbage that shows potential.

There’s something special about letting your songs come about naturally, but if you think your songs just appear from nothing it just means you’re blissfully unaware of your creative process. This leads to creative stagnation (writer’s block) and, in my case, causes me to write a bunch of boring songs about insomnia. Or worse, write nothing at all. Sometimes all you need is to shake up your process.

Here’s one way to break the cycle:

  1. Learn a new cover
  2. Rip it off in your next song (same chords, feel and pacing)
  3. Repeat until you’ve written something original*

(Original in this case means you’re imitation is not easily noticed*)

Above is The Fire and The Thud by “Arctic Monkeys,” a song that I’m not ashamed to say was run through the cycle and lead to my own track Tired (below).

would eventually inspire the production style used in “Cafe Music EP” as well as change the feel our live performances. It was a big step forward and all of it was possible because I continued to write when I was lazy. So, you know – hurray for me.


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