Satire 2

I jumped the gun on satire. It’s great and you should still use it. The issue with satire is that it’s lazy, often falling into the realm of cliché.

It suggests that you’re unwilling to fully consider your opponent’s position and that you’d rather just write them off. Maybe some beliefs should be cast away and laughed at, but if you don’t engage with troubling ideas and ideologies they solidify, because if your argument is a joke, well, then your argument is a joke.

Satire is a wonderful way to communicate a feeling of being so overwhelmed by opposing forces that you can’t help but fall into apathy. It’s one thing to write a beautiful song about a small town, but what if your small town makes you genuinely miserable? In that case, you might as well be honest. Have no fear; audiences can tell the difference between an honest expression of dissatisfaction and a lazy cliché appealing to anti-rural sentiment.

Above is the counter-suburban anthem by Rob Grote of “The District’s” – performed live in beautiful Toronto, Ontario!



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